California Workers' Compensation Coverage Inquiry

How to Report an Error

Before Reporting An Error

Before reporting an error, please note the following limitations to the coverage information available via this website.

Self-Insured Employers

The WCIRB does not have information regarding employers that are legally self-insured. If the employer you are searching for is self-insured, you will not receive any search results. To determine if an employer is self-insured, contact the California Department of Industrial Relations Office of Self Insurance Plans.

DBAs and Other Discrepancies in Employer Names and Addresses

Coverage information may not be available or complete for all employers due to limitations with the policy information, such as similar or duplicate employer names, or multiple or alternate locations and addresses for employers. If you are unable to locate information for an employer using the employer's address, try your search using alternate company addresses.

Federal Employer Identification Numbers (FEINs)

The WCIRB does not have Federal Employer Identification Numbers (FEINs) for all employers. If you conduct a search based only on the FEIN and find no results, you should try your search again using the employer's name (company name).

Timing of Data Reporting

Insurers are permitted up to thirty (30) days to report policy data to the WCIRB and the WCIRB is permitted up to thirty (30) days thereafter to reflect that data on this website. Changes to policy data that have occurred within the past sixty (60) days may not be shown on the website. If you are searching for recent information (e.g., searching on February 1 for a January 1 policy), you should allow sixty (60) days to elapse before trying your search again.

Missing or Inaccurate Information

If you are an employer (or an agent/broker or attorney of record for the employer) and you find inaccurate coverage information pertaining to your company on this website, or coverage information for your company is missing from this website, you should first contact your insurance company. The WCIRB cannot add, remove or edit policy data unless it has been reported to the WCIRB by the insurer in accordance with the regulations contained in the California Workers' Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan – 1995.

Each California insurer is required to have a policyholder dispute resolution process for resolving coverage information disputes and insurers are required to respond to disputes in writing within thirty (30) days. (See Title 10 California Code of Regulations Section 2593.6(b).) If an error is discovered, the insurer can report updated policy data to the WCIRB and the WCIRB will update this website within thirty (30) days of receipt of the updated policy data. To obtain contact information for all California insurers, visit the California Department of Insurance website.


If you are the policyholder and you have contacted your insurer, but were unable to resolve your dispute regarding inaccurate or missing coverage information, you may submit a dispute to the WCIRB using the Coverage Information Website Dispute Form (813k PDF). You must submit the following information along with the form. This information is required so that the WCIRB can research your dispute.

All Coverage Information Website Disputes must include the following:

  • A detailed description of the coverage information that is missing or inaccurate,
  • The name of the employer as shown on the insurance policy declarations page,
  • The name of the workers' compensation insurer,
  • The policy number,
  • The policy inception and expiration dates,
  • The name and contact information (if known) of the person at your insurance company who responded to your initial dispute inquiry, and
  • Copies of any correspondence between you and your insurance company concerning this dispute.

The WCIRB will respond to your dispute in writing within thirty (30) days from the date a completed dispute form, including all of the information above, is received.

Coverage Information Website Dispute Form (813k PDF)